Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) Offer 

Welcome to our SEND offer pages. 


The aim of these pages is to provide you with information about the ways in which we, at Holme St Cuthbert Primary support students with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities in reaching their full potential. 

Our website includes; 


  • SEND Policy and Information Report (combined) 
  • Separate Information Report 
  • Visual Guide to our Graduated Response to SEND 
  • Key Government policies, legislation and documents for further information. 
  • Links to support services and further information 

Key Staff

SENDCo - Mrs Sarah Gale - sgale@hstcuth.cumbria.sch.uk 

Head Teacher - Mrs Claire Fleming - head@hstcuth.cumbria.sch.uk

SEND Governor -Mrs Jayne Watson 

What is SEND?

SEND refers to Special Educational Needs and Disabilities. 

The SEND Code of Practice defines this as… 

“ A pupil has SEN where their learning difficulty or disability calls for special educational provision, namely provision different from or additional to that normally available to pupils of the same age.” 

Pg 94, section 6.15 


Holme St Cuthbert School assesses and reviews the progress of all pupils using data, observation and discussion with parents, carers and pupils to identify SEND. 


Holme St Cuthbert school addresses the needs of all pupils on an individual basis – whether these needs are temporary or long term.  


All staff at Holme St Cuthbert can be approached if you have any questions or concerns to discuss. We are happy to hold informal discussions with you about your child’s progress and needs at any given time. 

Useful Links 


Education, Health and Care Plan

EHCPs cover from birth to age 25 and extend the rights to young people in further education and training, including apprenticeships, who currently have a Learning Disability Assessment (LDA).  You can ask Cumbria County Council to carry out an assessment if you think your child needs an EHC plan. 



Offering impartial information, advice and support to children and young people with special educational needs and or disabilities and their parents and carers.

Autism Support Allerdale & Copeland

They are a friendly bunch and support each other through the good times and the bad, they have the empathy and the understanding of what it is like with a child with Autism. This is where you can off load, without feeling you are being judged, get tips and ideas from other parents in the same situation, it helps you feel you're not on your alone! 

Independent Parental Special Education Advice (IPSEA)

Offer advice and guidance to parents with a child who has a special educational need.   

The Local offer

The Local Offer aims to pull information about available services into one place and make it clear and accessible for you and your family.  A Local Offer gives children and young people with SEND and their families information about what support services the local authority thinks will be available in their local area. 



Bee Unique

The purpose of Bee Unique is to relieve the needs of those diagnosed with Autism and those who are currently engaged in the medical diagnosis of Autism and their immediate families and carers in England in particular, but not exclusively, by the provision of support and recreational activities. 

Family Fund

Family Fund are the UK's largest grant-giving organisation helping low-income families caring for children and young people with disabilities or serious illnesses. 


OpenDyslexic is a typeface designed to make reading easier for some symptoms of dyslexia. It is a free resource and can be used for personal or professional use.  

The Children's Centre - Workington

The day to day management and provision of service delivery across Workington Children’s Centres is the responsibility of Family Action as part of the Early Help and Outreach contract which was awarded by Cumbria County Council in January 2020.  Through this contract Family Action's Children’s Centres in Allerdale provide Early Help and Outreach services for families with children up to the age of 12 years old.


I CAAN is a group of volunteers that organise activities for people with autism and their families in Allerdale and Copeland. I CAAN is totally run by volunteers, many of whom are parents of children with autism.



Cerebra is the national charity helping children with brain conditions and their families discover a better life together. they also have a free guide for completing DLA forms which you can download here.

West Cumbria Carers

West Cumbria Carers provides support to carers who look after a family member, relative, friend or neighbour who could not manage without their help. The organisation provides services to carers in the districts of Allerdale and Copeland in the county of Cumbria.

ADHD West Cumbria

ADHS West Cumbria are a non-profit voluntary support group. The group was established by parents of children with ADHD/ADD, associated conditions and Special Needs. The aim of the group is to provide help and support to anyone affected by ADHD/ADD and associated conditions.


Contact are a charity for families with disabled children. They support families with the best possible guidance and information, bring families together to support each other, and help families to campaign, volunteer and fundraise to improve life for themselves and others.

Children & Young People at West House

West House are Cumbria’s leading care and support provider for adults and children with disabilities. By providing individual, genuine and caring support, they enable all those in their care to lead a fulfilling, happy life in a homely environment.