Holme St Cuthbert's Curriculum

All children are unique and come to school with different experiences, knowledge and understanding of the world. At Holme St Cuthbert School, we aim to give every child the opportunity to shine by providing a rich and ambitious curriculum that opens up the world to them and for them to find their ‘thing’. How do you know what you are good at or what you enjoy if you have never tried it?  It is a curriculum that aims to provide them with the knowledge and skills to take them wherever they want to go. A curriculum that helps them to stay healthy, stay safe and have good mental health and wellbeing.  


We want our children at Holme St Cuthbert School to achieve the widest possible outcomes – academic success, be avid readers, confident mathematicians but so much more, to be well-rounded individuals, team players, empathetic, hardworking, confident and happy.  


Right from the very first moment, as a two-year-old pupil coming through the doors of nursery, we aim to make the learning journey that takes them to the end of year 6, and their time at primary school, magical, unique and memorable. 


We have planned our curriculum to have a local, national and international dimension and provide opportunities for children to learn about and experience the wider world: use public transport, visit a theatre, spend time in a city. Residentials and outdoor learning are also part of the school’s curriculum offer as well as performances, competitions (not just sporting) and interschool opportunities.  


Please browse the curriculum documents for the specific details of each area of the curriculum. If you would like further information, please contact the headteacher.