Black school shoes.

Black or Grey school trousers, shorts, skirt, or dress (grey or black tights).

White or royal blue polo shirt.

Royal blue jumper.

Outdoor shoes can be any colour.

Wellies for welly Wednesday.

A full PE kit to be brought into school on a Monday and left in school until Friday (PE hoody is advisable but optional).

Black shorts/leggings/tracksuit bottoms.

White T-shirt/plain or school polo shirt. (Supermarkets) pack 3 Approx £4.00)

Blue hoodie with school badge and child’s initials on the front and school name on the back. (Price to be arranged) this is not a compulsory item.

We have many talented children throughout the school and we feel it is important that when we visit other schools or external venues that the children are easily identified for safety reasons. We also feel that when they are similar clothes it makes them look part of a team. We are all proud of our school and the children and we want other schools to know who we are and where we are from.

Old clothes for welly Wednesday brought into school.

Children will no longer be required to come into school ready in PE kits or for Welly Wednesday as they will be given time to changed at school.

Orders for school uniform and book bags are to be made directly with West Lakes Embroidery, Lindsay Routledge. Lindsay’s contact details are as follows:

Tel: 01900 817799

Email: Or, call in, 69 Senhouse Street, Maryport.

Any questions please see Mrs Carini and thank you for your support